I take a brain-based approach to help clients think about their transition to motherhood in a new way. By sharing stories in a safe environment where my clients feel seen and heard they begin to feel relief, gain insight, and learn new ways to access their inner resources.

Inspired by my own personal challenges during Matrescence, I have taken a special interest in Maternal Mental Health in my practice. To this end, I offer house calls to support new mommas who may not otherwise come into my office. Exploring each woman’s story in therapy through a holistic lens, I consider her biological, social, psychological and spiritual history, her identity transition, her coping strategies, and her expectations of parenthood.

I am passionate about helping women to transform traumatic experiences and negative embodied beliefs that have kept them feeling stuck. I find that integrating clinical hypnosis into my practice is the fastest and most lasting way for my clients to achieve their goals. Whether your intention is to achieve greater self awareness, build stronger personal relationships, heal past wounds, or simply feel better, together we can collaborate to achieve your goals in therapy.

For deep healing to occur, we must appeal to the rational and emotional parts of the mind. Hypnotherapy works directly with your subconscious mind to update negative implicit beliefs, and create room for positive growth. Limiting beliefs that you developed early on are replaced with new, positive and affirming conclusions and beliefs about yourself.

Together we will uncover your unique internal resources by accessing your subconscious mind, uncovering blockages to healing and actualizing what, at the highest level, has always been intended for you. I offer house calls to support new moms, women on bed rest, and clients who are otherwise home bound. I can clear traumatic birth experiences so that women, partners, and entire families can thrive during the postpartum period, and beyond.

Wendy Doucette, PsyD, LCSW


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