Tasha Blasi

  • New York Metropolitan Area, USA

Tasha is an Integrative Fertility Coach, Patient Advocate, Founder of the FU Project, and Mother of two very expensive children-Hudson (IVF #2) and Mila (IVF #10). Using her background in the sciences, and with the help of many experts in her program, she creates a customized blueprint to what you need to get and stay pregnant quickly. She is extremely researched, unfiltered, and a must-call for anyone doing or considering IVF. Her success rates are 100% for those who complete her program and the best part is that she guarantees her work.

“Run, don’t walk to Tasha…time waits for no one…[she] helped me save so much time…Anyone even considering IVF, whether they have gone through the process before or not…should reach out immediately…Thank you for changing my life and making my dreams come true.” – Holly.




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