Tasha Blasi is a Mama Maker, patient advocate, Founder of the Fertilitites Unite Project (FU Project), and mom to two very expensive children. Hudson was round two of IVF and Mila round ten.

After completing her family, Tasha used her experiences, as well as her background in science, to solve what gets in the way of a successful pregnancy. All of the answers were a sum of the right Science, enough Space (clear that bulky emotional and physical clutter!) and enough Energy (these cells have to keep reproducing and growing.)

Her integrative fertility program, the FU Project Workshop, provides a customized, guaranteed blueprint for any woman trying to get or stay pregnant. The FU Project Workshop’s global reach is helping women get educated and empowered before jumping into their fertility journey.

But it does not stop there.

Once they are pregnant and have a baby, the FU Project continues to support women and provide tools to ensure that they have enough Space and Energy for calm abundance in every area of their lives.

This is very hard to do with children. All content is based on science and is presented with an unfiltered, raw, loving, and humorous tone.

You can find her fertility advice and adventures on her website (www.TashaBlasi.com), socials (FB: @thetashablasi, IG/YT: @tashablasi), and on her podcast, “The FU Project”.


“Run, don’t walk to Tasha…time waits for no one…[she] helped me save so much time…Anyone even considering IVF, whether they have gone through the process before or not…should reach out immediately…Thank you for changing my life and making my dreams come true.” – Holly.


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