I’m a 40-year-old wife and mom to a four-year-old and a set of two-year-old twins, (in)fertility warrior, community builder, supporter, friend, connector, counselor, advocate, doula, coach, Licensed Master of Social Work based out of Manhattan. After embarking on my own path to becoming a mother, something in me shifted. My passions, my identity, my purpose all took on new meanings. I realized how lonely it can be for those without community, support, or someone in their corner to guide them. I realized I wanted to help women setting out in this chapter of their lives– whether they are struggling with infertility (as I did), pregnancy challenges, miscarriage or infant loss, life as a new mom, or all the spaces in between. I am particularly passionate about normalizing infertility, postpartum challenges, pressures associated with social media, breastfeeding and everyday struggles balancing life with infants and toddlers. I aim to add humor and my own personal reality to these and other parenting topics with the hope that it makes women understand they are not alone. I am in the trenches with you and we’re all just doing our best. My best, your best, is good enough.

Graduated from Skidmore College in 2001 and received my Masters in Social Work from New York University in 2004. I created a number of online support groups after my own path to motherhood left me feeling isolated. Since then, I have launched many groups focused on supporting women who are struggling to become pregnant, to stay pregnant, and to survive the “fourth trimester” after giving birth.

I now offer personalized, one-on-one support to individuals looking for a safe space, a sounding board, and a knowledgeable resource on the journey to and through motherhood.

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