The BelliBind experience provides mental, physical, and spiritual recovery care for the postpartum women in a truly exceptional, healing, and nurturing way. We are committed to a holistic model of healing because we know, based on research and anecdotal evidence alike, that the fourth trimester requires support in many aspects of a new mother’s life. The transition into motherhood is one that is deeply rooted in shared experience and connection. Women that move through this stage of life in isolation suffer without this camaraderie. In fact, it is only in the last 60 years that we have culturally moved away from communal parenthood. We believe that the BelliBind experience offers mothers the dynamic support necessary for women to not only reclaim their post-baby body but to thrive in postpartum life.

The BelliBind service is founded on the 5 Universal Postpartum Needs as described in “The Fourth Trimester” book. Each session incorporates an element of loving touch, rest, contact with nature, nourishment, and wise woman connection. In honoring these needs, we offer women an opportunity to nourish their bodies, minds, and spirits so they can return to caring for their newborn and families with a full cup. I also find that the comprehensiveness of our service assures that every woman will be provided the dynamic support she may or may not know she needs. For example, the mother that is chiefly interested in bengkung binding to get back her pre-baby body will not only experience physical results but will also benefit from the mental and spiritual healing that inevitably transpires during our sessions.



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