Oceana is a board certified acupuncturist in private practice in New York City. She works with women through conception, pregnancy and postpartum, and helps them find balance in the work-life-juggle that follows. Oceana incorporates an array of acupuncture styles and healing modalities into her treatments to create deep physical, energetic and spiritual centering to her patients. She is also a senior yoga teacher with over 15 years experience, a certified holistic health coach, an essential oil educator and a mom of two.

Oceana has been an amazing support to be for many years. I can’t imagine surviving IVF and the birth of my twins without her healing touch and wisdom. Seeing her weekly saved me when I was in pain and could hardly walk AND when I was on an emotional rollercoaster before, during and after my children were born. Whether I am in need of physical healing or emotional support–she is my go to!


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