Michal combines her life experiences, compassion and humor with her expertise in hypnotherapy and imagery techniques to help clients move past limitations and create permanent and positive change in their lives. In her private practice, Michal helps clients let go of negative thought patterns and life scripts they’ve carried, often since childhood. Her technique is solution-focused – it’s all about achieving personal growth and learning tools for relaxation, coping skills, creating serenity and peace of mind.

My personal story:

In 2008 I met and married my soulmate. I was 30 years old and felt ready to conquer the world. Being an adventurous spirit I was nervous about parenthood but knew I wanted a family. 8 years of unexplained infertility followed. As per my usual optimistic outlook I made the best of it and pursued my dream of travel. My husband and I explored a new continent each year that our longing for a child remained unfulfilled. 7 continents in 7 years. We spent 2016 New Year’s Eve marveling at the serenity and untouched perfection of the Antarctic Coastline with icebergs the size of mountains floating by and multiple whale and penguin sightings. I returned home complete and ready for whatever destiny would unfold. The very next month we had a successful IVF procedure and my first son was born at the end of October. We were blessed with our second son in 2018 with no medical intervention. Both labors were labors of love, the first lasting 17 hours with an epidural, the 2nd was a classic Hypnobirthing lasting 5 hours with no drugs, tears or complications.

I am passionate about supporting you through your maternal journey. Let’s connect and discuss your goals and how to get you there!

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