Mia O’Malley is a Certified Babywearing Educator and founder of @plussizebabywearing on Instagram. An advocate for new moms, Mia believes babywearing can help you embrace your postpartum and all the changes it brings physically and emotionally.

Babywearing strengthens the bond between baby and caregiver, as it allows for added closeness throughout the day.

Babywearing increases skin-to-skin contact which promotes oxytocin “the love hormone” helps reduce risk of PPD and PPA.

Strengthens baby’s core and neck muscles. Babywearing counts as tummy time!

Decreases risk of SIDS and “flat head syndrome” Baby gets to experience the world from the safety and comfort of your body, building confidence.

Wearing your baby is not “spoiling them”, on the contrary it promotes independence.

Promotes early language development – babies learn by watching faces and babywearing puts your baby at conversational height Promotes healthy development of neural, respiratory and gastrointestinal health.

If you are interested in wearing your baby but are not sure where to start, or you love wearing your baby but would like help with how to breastfeed in your carrier, I can help.

Mia O’Malley


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