My most important job role is mommy and wife, but I am also a CLC (almost IBCLC) in private practice with Mother Nurture Lactation Care. I co-host a monthly live interactive q&a session on Facebook called The Breast Connection, and work with many brands in the baby space to provide lactation, marketing, and graphic design expertise.

It is my aim to help breastfeeding parents achieve their goals when it comes to feeding their baby. My passion is deeply rooted in my personal experience and life long passions to help others. I had a rough start breastfeeding our daughter. With the thoughtful care of an amazing IBCLC who came to my home to help me, I was able to have a long breastfeeding journey with our daughter. Her support made me realize that I wanted to help other parents achieve their goals. It was really a full circle journey for me.

When I was in college, I thought that I wanted to go into healthcare, but my academic journey didn’t work out for that. I pursued a degree in marketing and entered into the business world. I could never figure out why that didn’t work out in college until I was inspired to become a lactation professional. God had a plan for me to help moms, and lactation has been my way to help people in the way that I always thought that I wanted to in healthcare.

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