Kiley Hanish, OTD, PMH-C is a speaker, non-profit founder, entrepreneur, and coach dedicated to helping people through transformational growth and healing after loss.

After suffering the stillbirth and loss of her first child Norbert, Kiley co-created the Emmy-nominated film Return to Zero to break the silence and stigma around pregnancy and infant loss for parents around the world. The film’s success and critical acclaim led to her non-profit organization Return to Zero: HOPE, where she advocates for and guides bereaved families in reclaiming their purpose, meaning, and healing after their tragic loss. Her work has been featured in People, Los Angeles Times, and Entertainment Tonight.

As an occupational therapist and speaker, she is widely recognized as a thought leader at the intersection of mental health and the perinatal period. She’s spoken at leading institutions and health organizations including USC, Kaiser Permanente, and Postpartum Support International.

Now as an entrepreneur and coach, she works with clients through her private practice to empower them to grow and heal through life’s challenges.

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