I’ve been working as a Labor and Delivery Nurse since graduating nursing school in 2003. Over the years I have worked in a wide variety of hospitals, I have witnessed and assisted the birth of thousands of babies, and I have seen babies come into the world many different ways. I will never forget when I witnessed my first hypnobirth. I was a new nurse and had only been in the labor room a handful of times. The mother came in and calmly chose to sit in a rocking chair. She breathed and rocked through her contractions. When she reached the birthing phase, she calmly breathed her baby out in the most peaceful way. The whole time she remained calm and confident in her baby and in her body.

When I became pregnant with my first baby, I knew I wanted to be grounded and calm throughout my birth experience. I turned to hypnobirthing to learn how. In the spring of 2017 I gave birth to my son Teddy and my son Archer was born winter of 2019. I used hypnobirthing during both deliveries to bring them into the world. Throughout my birth experience I felt grounded and calm. I was able to come back to my breath when things felt too intense. My partner Chris also felt prepared and knowledgable on how to support me through the process.

Through teaching HypnoBirthing® I hope to inspire and empower women and their partners. I believe birth is natural, normal, and healthy. Women have the innate ability to call upon a neurological, physiological, psychological, emotional, and spiritual repose to birth. With a healthy mom and healthy baby, given the right preparation, it is reasonable to expect to be able to have a natural birth. We also all know birth doesn’t always go as planned and these babies have a mind of their own. What we do control is how we respond to the process and teach our bodies to get into a calm and relaxed state. These tools are so helpful throughout pregnancy, during labor, and for years beyond.

Kathryn Marie


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