Jessica Sawicki, from Luli Sleep Consulting, is a mom of four. Jessica is a trained and certified Gentle Sleep Coach. As a professional sleep consultant located in South Florida, she also has worked with parents all over the world. She has worked with twins, triplets, siblings, all ranging from ages 0-6. Providing newborn educational consultations, to sleep training infants, to helping toddlers transition to their big beds, Jessica works on a wide range of sleep issues.

As a mom herself, Jessica understands how critical it is to the families’ physical and emotional well-being to get sufficient amount of sleep and restful nights. Working one-on-one with parents, she develops a specified plan that best suits the parenting style, issues, and goals. She provides the daily support and guidance along the way, making sure parents see the results they want. Jessica loves doing her job, as she says; “seeing the transformation from a sleep-deprived family to a happily rested family, makes me just as happy as it were me going through this process!”



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