Dr. Giselle M Tadros, founder of In-Home Pediatric PT of NJ has been helping babies and families in her community for over 20 years. She is a mom of 3, with kids 12, 10 and 4.

She is a voice for babies, an advocate for parents and caregivers, and an activist for educating and empowering parents to help their children through movement and active play! Her greatest gift is translating a baby or child’s symptoms and behaviors into understanding, so you can take action! By addressing the underlying causes of symptoms, Giselle helps parents make small effective changes to see rapid improvements. In addition to traditional PT, for children who may have specific physical challenges (hypotonia, gross motor delays, flat heads, plagiocephaly, torticollis, toe walking or other conditions, we also specializes in working with infants who have lip and tongue ties.

She helps teach them efficient feeding with correct techniques through gentle and fun exercise protocols. This concierge physical therapy service that treats babies in the comfort of their own home is unique. “I recognized the need for more convenience for parents working long hours, with children at home that don’t want to be bringing them to germy hospitals and public waiting rooms. We try to make life easy for the modern busy parent by providing parents with tools to boost your child’s development. Our unique service is that we come to YOU, when you want, at a convenient time for your family.” At this time of quarantine, we have been offering virtual telehealth sessions at a discounted rate to allow all parents easy access to therapy.

This has been invaluable to the community, especially those who are motivated to participate and see big changes! These sessions provide simple tips and tricks to immediately implement in a fun playful way. We also have an incredible network of PTs following strict guidelines to ensure the safety and health of our precious little ones.

In-Home Pediatric PT of NJ


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