Elisa Henry Morton is a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach specializing in providing her clients with easy-to-implement nutrition and lifestyle recommendations for thriving health during conception, pregnancy, and motherhood. Elisa supports women with practical meal plans, wellness resources, and effective self-care tools to promote true and lasting wellness. Elisa believes that self-care is essential for supporting one’s own physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing, and regards health as much more than simply food and exercise. She uses her 3 pillars and the foundation of her coaching practice ‘Eat Heal Move’ to support a person’s whole health – mind, body, and spirit.

Through her own conception journey and multiple miscarriages, Elisa learned the value of self-love, self-connection, self-compassion, and to trust in her body’s own ability to heal itself both emotionally and physically. Surrounding herself with a supportive team was fundamental to Elisa’s healing and personal transformation.

A native Australian, Elisa’s grounded presence, and approachable nature make her a valued person to help lovingly guide you in your conception journey, motherhood, and beyond.


Eat Heal Move


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