Angela Le

  • New York, NY, USA

Dr. Angela is a leading integrative reproductive health expert, acupuncturist and founder of Fifth Avenue Fertility Wellness in New York City, as well as one of the first holistic practitioners in the country to focus exclusively on fertility. For over 17 years, she has dedicated her practice to support, treat and empower thousands of women. Respected and trusted by the leading reproductive endocrinologists throughout the country, she works in collaboration with both physicians and patients to provide an integrative perspective and create a personalized experience directed at the best possible conditions for conception.

Dr. Le, has been a gift and a blessing during the years of my quest to have a second child, which has been one of the most emotionally and physically challenging periods of my life. She is a remarkable presence, and a superlative practitioner, and her wisdom and perspective helped me transform the way in which I was approaching the treatment process. Much has been written about the sometimes dehumanizing aspects of enduring fertility treatments, and the tremendous emotional and financial expense of doing so. What Dr. Le does is return “heartfulness” – a loving orientation to oneself and to the world – to the whole complicated business of using reproductive technologies. For me, this has been a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and I will be forever grateful.




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