My name is Amy, and I’m a New York City based yoga teacher. My first experience with yoga was over fifteen years ago – as a teenager in my hometown of Mexico City. I remember thinking it was a little silly, and I couldn’t understand what made seemingly arbitrary poses amount to a so-called practice. But, week after week, my mind kept my body returning.

Not until many years later, as a law student in New York obsessed with fighting for women’s rights, did I listen to a growing desire to learn about what this practice of “yoga” actually entailed. I wanted to know where it came from, and how the calm I experienced on my mat could expand to my life beyond my mat.

Quite unexpectedly, it was my prenatal yoga training that transformed my relationship to teaching and launched me into a career of teaching yoga. Prenatal yoga weaved everything I loved about law into yoga: creating a space that was by and for women – our bodies, needs, and experience.

Now, years (and hundreds more hours of training) later, it continues to be an honor to teach pre and postnatal yoga, meditation and pilates throughout New York City and the world.


Amy was such a breath of fresh air during my pregnancy. When growing a little human there are so many emotions and physical changes that you go through. Yoga and meditation saved me. Amy is the most gentle, caring, calm teacher I ever practiced with. Could not been more grateful for her.


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