Maternal Specialists

Dee Dee Markes

2001 S Barrington Ave, Ste 220, Los Angeles, CA 90025, USA

I am a message therapist and I changed my whole practice to CranioSacral Therapy when I found that my clients were getting more lasting results from the CST, rather than just massage alone. What I love about this therapy is that each session is completely tailored to what my clients need on that day. I work with Conception, Pregnancy and Birth, as well as Newborns who are just hours old and may be having a difficult time latching on to mommy.

Body Wisdom by Dee Dee Markes

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Hillary Talbott

2941 5th Ave N, St. Petersburg, FL, USA 33713

Hillary is a Board-Certified, Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist and the owner of Art of Acupuncture in St. Petersburg, FL and mom to four teenage sons. She has an additional board certification from the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine (ABORM) and holds a Master’s Degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine as well as a Bachelor’s of Science from the University of Florida. She has been a meditator for over a decade and became a certified Masters of Wisdom & Meditation instructor (500 hrs) in 2014. She is also the host of Fertile Minds Radio, a podcast devoted to educating couples about fertility options and how howlistic health can increase the odds of conceiving.

She has specialized in women’s wellness and reproductive medicine since the start of her acupuncture career in 2009. Hillary is passionate about helping all types of couples realize their dreams of starting and growing their families. Her calling to serve women trying to conceive was born out of her immense respect for the human body’s ability to create, grow, and birth life. She believes that we all carry innate healing capabilities and uses the tools of meditation, coaching, nutrition, acupuncture, and herbalism to help her clients unlock theirs. In person and virtual appointments are available.

Art of Acupuncture

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Lauren Rankin

Los Angeles, Hollywood, CA 90028, USA

As a postpartum doula many things have lead me to this path. From teaching yoga and Ayurvedic trainings, to working with families for over 6 years as a nanny, I focus on shedding light on methods to aid the breastfeeding process, understanding baby cues, and aiding in the physical and spiritual healing for parents and baby. I am shoulder to cry on, a person to laugh with, and a safe ally for the family.

Lauren Alicia Doula

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Stork Maternity Consulting

Austin, TX 78703, USA

Mothers and entrepreneurs, Leah Frederick and Katie Coyne are passionate about supporting new and expecting families in Austin. Everything from childbirth education, birth and postpartum doulas, lactation support, and custom nanny searches are provided in-home and uniquely tailored to each family’s need. Stork Maternity was founded to deliver the highest quality of care with a touch of luxury.

Leah Frederick is a Registered Nurse with extensive training in newborn, child, and women’s health. She has experience in a clinical setting working in the newborn unit as well a birth center. Katie Coyne is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant with a background in public health and education. She previously worked for the state, providing lactation training to medical and public health professionals across the state. Together, their credentials and genuine desire to support families is reflected in their work and Stork’s talented team of professionals ready to educate and empower women in Austin.

Stork Maternity Consulting

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Sheri Poe

Los Angeles, CA 90024, USA

‘When a baby is born so are the parents.’ I believe that our lives form a tapestry of our experiences and transitions. I have had many rich experiences in my life but my favorite journey has been that of motherhood. I am the proud mother of four amazing adults and human beings. The greatest joy and honor of my life has been birthing and raising my children.

I bring decades of experience to my work as a Postpartum Doula, New Parent Educator, and Infant Sleep Coach, to help you navigate the magical and powerful path of the postpartum journey into parenthood. I am committed to nurturing and supporting you and your loved ones through the magical ‘womb to world’ transition of your newborn. I bring over twenty-five years of dedication in working with and supporting women to my practice. I have been committed to helping empower women through health, fitness, healing and transformation as a sexual violence recovery coach and mentor, a domestic violence certified advocate, women’s empowerment coach, and meditation and mindfulness instructor.

Om Baby Postpartum Services


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Mia Ridgen

Los Angeles, CA 90405, USA

Nutritionist Mia Rigden built RASA on the principle that good food should be good for you. Through her work, she aims to help people understand their bodies, demystify wellness trends and learn to love nutrient-dense foods, so they can improve their health, and never need to diet, count calories or stress about their food choices again. Mia works with a range of clients, but has a soft spot for moms and moms-to-be. She loves to focus on maternal wellness, and help women take control of their health and feel their very best while planning for, or taking care of their family.

Mia holds a Masters of Nutrition and Integrative Health from the Maryland University of Integrative Health, along with a Holistic Health Coaching license from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, a Grand Diplome in Culinary Arts from the International Culinary Institute (formerly the French Culinary Institute) and a BA in English Literature from the University of California at Santa Barbara. She lives in Santa Monica, California with her husband and son.


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Tamara ZumMallen

462 North Linden Drive, #337, Beverly Hills, CA, USA 90212

Tamara ZumMallen, Licensed Acupuncturist, has spent the past two decades helping people of Los Angeles and beyond manage pain, sleep better, relieve stress, and achieve healthy pregnancies and gorgeous babies.

Tamara has a Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine degree and a doctoral dissertation titled “The Effect of Acupuncture on In Vitro Fertilization Outcomes.” She graduated Magna Cum Laude from Dongguk University Los Angeles in 2001 with a Master of Science in Oriental Medicine degree. A Chicago native, she also holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications from DePaul University. She regularly serves as a Subject Matter Expert for the California Acupuncture Board.

In 2012, Tamara established Fertile Moon®, an acupuncture and holistic counseling practice for women and couples trying to conceive. With highly-individualized treatments conducted in a very comfortable setting, she will put you on the path to achieving your health and wellness goals.

With feedback from her global clientele, she founded her own line of fertility support products appropriately called Fertile Moon® Women’s Wellness. Products are available for purchase at her Beverly Hills office, a globally-accessible online site:​, and of course,

Tamara ZumMallen Acupuncture


Sarah Siebold

Los Angeles, Oakwood, CA 90004, USA

Sarah Siebold is a native Los Angeleno and mom to two breastfed littles. She is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) and completed her clinical training in both private-practice and outpatient clinic settings.

In a previous life, Sarah earned her Master’s in English and American Literature and taught in and around New York City. She infuses her passion for teaching and education into the work she does with new & expecting parents.

Sarah’s goal is always to guide parents on their breastfeeding, chestfeeding, and/or bottle-feeding journey. Clients receive the emotional support, clinical care, and evidence-based practices to feed their little ones confidently. Sarah works to limit barriers to successful breast/chestfeeding if this is the path a client has chosen — never to judge or decide what’s best for a client’s body and/or family. This is an inclusive practice that promotes safety and well-being for parent, baby, and dyad.

IMMA is a practice that also focuses on what happens after the breast/chestfeeding and/or bottle-feeding months. When do we introduce solids and how to we do so mindfully, respecting our baby’s innate hunger cues and drive to thrive? Feeding our babies begins at the breast/chest and transitions as they grow.

IMMA Lactation

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The Nesting Place

2043 Wellwood Avenue, Farmingdale, NY, USA 11735

The Nesting Place is Long Island’s first motherhood wellness center. We offer prenatal education classes, prenatal yoga and fitness, postpartum support groups as well as 1:1 counseling services with providers who specialize in mothers and families including mental health, lactation counseling, doula services, and more.

The Nesting Place is home to the Fourth Trimester Support Circle: is a 6 week group for moms with babies 0-5 months. The group is designed to support moms during their ‘fourth trimester’, by offering a safe outlet where they can meet other moms, asks questions, and find support from various guest speakers. Topics include adjustment to motherhood, maternal mental health, sleep deprivation, infant sleep, pelvic health, caring for the postpartum body and beyond. Groups being monthly.

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Princess McKinney-Kirk

Los Angeles, Van Nuys, CA 91411, USA

The BelliBind experience provides mental, physical, and spiritual recovery care for the postpartum women in a truly exceptional, healing, and nurturing way. We are committed to a holistic model of healing because we know, based on research and anecdotal evidence alike, that the fourth trimester requires support in many aspects of a new mother’s life. The transition into motherhood is one that is deeply rooted in shared experience and connection. Women that move through this stage of life in isolation suffer without this camaraderie. In fact, it is only in the last 60 years that we have culturally moved away from communal parenthood. We believe that the BelliBind experience offers mothers the dynamic support necessary for women to not only reclaim their post-baby body but to thrive in postpartum life.

The BelliBind service is founded on the 5 Universal Postpartum Needs as described in “The Fourth Trimester” book. Each session incorporates an element of loving touch, rest, contact with nature, nourishment, and wise woman connection. In honoring these needs, we offer women an opportunity to nourish their bodies, minds, and spirits so they can return to caring for their newborn and families with a full cup. I also find that the comprehensiveness of our service assures that every woman will be provided the dynamic support she may or may not know she needs. For example, the mother that is chiefly interested in bengkung binding to get back her pre-baby body will not only experience physical results but will also benefit from the mental and spiritual healing that inevitably transpires during our sessions.


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Ronee Welch

Allentown, PA, USA 18062

Ronee Welch is the owner of Sleeptastic Solutions. She is a certified pediatric sleep consultant (newborns through teens), adult sleep coach, pre/postnatal nutrition coach, lactation counselor, infant massage educator, parenting coach, postpartum doula, and health & lifestyle coach. She is also a board member and Eastern Regional Director (USA) for the Association of Professional Sleep Consultants. ​

Ronee is passionate about educating parents/adults and parents-to-be about the importance of sleep, nutrition, and more for both children and adults. Not only does she work one-on-one with parents/clients customizing sleep plans, but she offers a variety of affordable online courses. These services include ones for those trying to conceive, couples who are currently pregnant, and families who’ve already been created.

Ronee resides in Pennsylvania (USA) with her husband and their 4 children, ranging in ages from 8-20yrs (including identical twins). When she’s not helping families, you’ll find her driving her kids to their activities, continuing her own education, spending time outdoors, cooking, or playing the ukulele.

Sleeptastic Solutions

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Elisa Henry Morton

Brooklyn, NY 11215, USA

Elisa Henry Morton is a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach specializing in providing her clients with easy-to-implement nutrition and lifestyle recommendations for thriving health during conception, pregnancy, and motherhood. Elisa supports women with practical meal plans, wellness resources, and effective self-care tools to promote true and lasting wellness. Elisa believes that self-care is essential for supporting one’s own physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing, and regards health as much more than simply food and exercise. She uses her 3 pillars and the foundation of her coaching practice ‘Eat Heal Move’ to support a person’s whole health – mind, body, and spirit.

Through her own conception journey and multiple miscarriages, Elisa learned the value of self-love, self-connection, self-compassion, and to trust in her body’s own ability to heal itself both emotionally and physically. Surrounding herself with a supportive team was fundamental to Elisa’s healing and personal transformation.

A native Australian, Elisa’s grounded presence, and approachable nature make her a valued person to help lovingly guide you in your conception journey, motherhood, and beyond.


Eat Heal Move

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