Why You Should Celebrate Goddess of Fertility Day

On March 18th, if you stare into the mirror hard enough, you may catch your tresses transforming into ethereal tendrils and your cheeks flushing with the radiance of a Botticelli painting. No, you are not hallucinating, you are channeling your inner Aphrodite, goddess of love, beauty, pleasure, and fertility. This date marks the unofficial holiday of Goddess of Fertility Day, and for those trying to conceive perhaps she can provide inspiration along your journey.

Legend has it that the ancient Greeks would call upon Aphrodite when they were hoping to procreate. They would pray, and offer sacrifices in hopes of overcoming their fertility issues. While today we seek other means to maximize our fertility, we should look to the spirit of Aphrodite to empower our own inner goddess.

Channel your inner Aphrodite and celebrate yourself!


Aphrodite was considered enchanting, sensual and magnificently feminine. Her beauty inspired poetry, music and art. When we embrace the qualities of this goddess, we should pursue both inner and outer beauty. Begin with self-care. Identifying and attending to your authentic self-interests will allow you to make decisions that gratify your genuine needs. If you crave a beauty boost, schedule a blow-out, or if you don’t want to spend the dough, head to Sephora to try on a new lipstick shade. Another way of embracing beauty is by making the world a more beautiful place. Research supports that helping to reduce the suffering of others will increase your own feelings of gratefulness and happiness. By engaging in random acts of kindness or giving back to your community, you can build up your self-satisfaction and increase your sense of purpose. Help make the world a place where you would want to raise a child.


When you get consumed by the challenges of your fertility journey, it’s easy to lose sight of the pleasure that exists in the rest of your life. It is healthy to experience sadness and disappointment, but you need to actively seek out happiness to avoid becoming stuck in those emotions. Enjoy a deliciously curated meal with your friends, or hop on a bike and ride around a park. These types of activities can have a large impact on your sense of wellbeing. Also consider that it is the frequency, not the intensity of positive experiences that builds resilience along your journey. This means the more often you seek out pleasurable experiences, the better your ability to fight through adversity and overcome difficult times.


The ancient Greeks not only sought help from the gods to bring them children but also to provide comfort along the way. Motherhood does not begin at conception but rather we learn it by mothering ourselves. Throughout this journey you will face dark, sometimes disturbing emotions, but the greatest defense against these difficult feelings is self-compassion. Find patience with yourself to sit with these feelings without judgement. Trauma expert Viktor Frankl identified that, “suffering ceases to be suffering at the moment it finds meaning.” While it may be hard to see the value in your current situation, continually searching for this understanding will allow you to uncover personal strength and seek new possibilities for your future.


Greek gods were considered all powerful forces that were adored by their subjects. In today’s era, instead of externalizing your love, you can turn it inward and use it to enhance your relationship with yourself. Self-kindness is a skill in which you must strengthen your self-compassion and understanding. You should nurture yourself when you suffer and soothe yourself when confronted with pain. Find ways to show yourself love, perhaps try writing yourself a love letter describing your favorite qualities.

To navigate this fertility journey, you need the physical and emotional strength of a goddess, so channel your inner Aphrodite and celebrate yourself.

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