Why I Practice Fertility Yoga…

By now, yoga is a regular form of exercise for many. We’ve found our yoga studio, our favorite teacher, bought a book or two about yoga, and even considered a teacher training. Possibly even intrigued by that Kundalini Yoga.

But, how many of us actually practice yoga to really truly heal something? We are aware how it makes us feel, and definitely have seen changes in our life and others when we/they practice more, but have you ever practiced to focus on a specific outcome?  

Many of us know nothing about how to improve our fertility until we actually HAVE to improve our fertility. So, hearing about a fertility yoga class is so not on our radar. Even for myself as a yoga teacher, I never focused on fertility yoga. I mean, have you ever heard or saw a class at your studio around fertility? We see prenatal classes, which by the way is a great class to go to and feel the energy of baby love (need to be in the right headspace for that though).

So, what exactly is Yoga for Fertility?

Well, I describe it as Yin Yoga meets Prenatal Yoga. The ultimate feminine yoga class. A nurturing, safe, open space for you to heal yourself through yoga.

Benefits of Fertility Yoga:

  • Supports a healthy endocrine, reproductive system, and hormonal balance.
  • Increase blood flow to blocked areas in the body
  • Increases circulation to reproductive parts
  • Helps release daily toxins
  • Strengthens central nervous system
  • Brings peace and vitality to your conception journey
  • A chance for self-exploration and clarity

Fertility Yoga: Poses, Breath and Emotions

For instance pranayama, a conscious breathing exercise is the only time you can actually manipulate your breath. That is so powerful. I always say, your breathe can heal you.

One of my favorites, Nadi Shodhana can within minutes create such calmness and peace bringing you into a space of your parasympathetic nervous system, rest and digest.

If you allow yourself to release into Baddha Konasana, Butterfly Pose for a few minutes you will stimulate your ovaries while opening your hips and increase circulation in your pelvic region. Also, while balancing irregular periods and pain. Yes! One pose can create these healing benefits.

Another one of my favorite poses, Setu Bandha Sarvangasana,

Bridge Pose, even Supported Bridge Pose stimulates your immune, thyroid and endocrine system, while improving blood circulation and reduce depression. Yes please!!!

Yoga and our Cycle

When I guide my students in fertility yoga we are first focusing on our menstrual cycle. We learn a lot about our fertility through the flow of our moon cycle. As yogis, we like to flow our cycle with the moon. The new moon your menses begins and 14 days later is the Full Moon, when you ovulate.

For instance, sadness washes over us as we just found out we got our period. I would recommend during this time a more restorative heart opening class. This would be a time to reflect and honor your body. Let yourself cry. Emotional tears are full of cortisol which is the fastest way to release stress.

I mean, have you ever heard or saw a class at your studio around fertility?

In fertility yoga, we like to focus more on the grounding energy, called Apana energy. This grounding energy is located in the bottom half of your body where your first three chakras are. Chakra is an old Sanskrit word that literally translates to wheel. The prana, life force energy in your body are spinning and rotating. There are 7 chakras, starting at the base of your spine with moving all the way up to the crown of your head. We focus mostly on the first three lower chakras which work with foundation, sexual organs, and identity. Moving the energy down into your reproductive organs through the earth will help with the heart/womb connection as well as the strong foundational connection to Mother Earth.

What Happens in a Fertility Yoga Class?

During class, we invite you to bring your awareness to your reproductive system as much as you can, imagining your growing follicles, your healthy eggs, your embryo perfectly implanted into your thick uterine lining, the healer in you. We want to inhale from our vagina and up. Exhale down the back of your spine out through Mother Earth.

One last piece I bring into each class is guided visualization meditation. This is where we can train our brain to reach for healthy images. When we get deep,  we can unlock our subconscious and find past traumas, emotions, and memories that might be the cause to our fertility issues.

I recommend practicing at least three times a week. Incorporating this into your fertility routine, just like you do with the food you are now eating. This practice will feed everything else, your mind, body, and soul. Most importantly, depending on how long you have been on your path, this practice will allow you to come back into your beautiful body with more love, trust, and health. You will begin to realize the power you actually have over your fertility….

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