How a Health Coach Can Complement Your Fertility Journey

I wish I had someone to turn to for advice on sleep, eating habits, exercise, and overall wellness when I was going through my fertility journey.  When we found out we were expecting I was “eating for two” and making the wrong food choices.  In my mind, Cheetos were one of the food groups, next to whole grains and vegetables.

I wish I had someone who could guide me on dietary choices, weight gain and then the inevitable “doomsday” of trying to lose weight. For at least 18 months after the baby was born I was still in my maternity jeans.  I knew that my OBGYN or General Practitioner would always be available for questions. But what about someone who has more of a holistic approach and would not simply prescribe a prenatal multivitamin to me and say GOOD LUCK!

Health Coach for Fertility

No matter how long or short your overall fertility journey was or still is a health coach can be the perfect complement to preparing your body for pregnancy, labor or overall recovery once the baby is born. You may ask what is a health coach?  According to the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, a Health Coach is a “supportive mentor and wellness authority helping clients feel their best through food and lifestyle changes by tailoring individualized wellness programs to meet their clients’ needs”. A health coach should be someone you trust, find credible and be easily accessible.  A health coach does just that – coaches you through issues, questions, and healthy approaches through all phases of your journey.

But what about someone who has more of a holistic approach and would not simply prescribe a prenatal multivitamin to me and say GOOD LUCK!

For example, when I have clients who complain of cramping in their legs and feet, I often recommend coconut water as it provides an immediate boost of potassium.  Self-care is often forgotten but necessary. Try a massage if you feel you need a little relaxation and quiet.  Lastly, I may recommend regular exercise such as a low impact barre class, brisk walking, and yoga.  While doctor appointments are critical, they are largely spaced apart.  You need someone who has been through this process and can help ensure you are keeping your body and overall wellness in the best possible shape.

Finding Balance

As a health coach, one of the primary things we focus on is listening.  When I am not speaking with clients about nutrition, we often talk about day-to-day life. Your health and wellness is not just about the food you consume, but more importantly about the balance in your life. When you are going through your fertility journey even the slightest of setbacks can seem overwhelming.  A Health Coach can help guide you through a diet for fertility in a realistic and approachable way. We discuss a plan that helps to create some balance for you, in a time that can feel very stressful and overwhelming.

Postpartum care is equally as important.  Make sure you have a support group, whether friends or family, to help with household duties and meal prep. As moms, we can’t do it all and we should lean on others for help.  I know – it’s easier said than done (I am a mom of 2 young kids too!). But it does take a village, right?  Not one fertility journey is the same, and therefore everyone needs something different – not a one size fits all approach.

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