5 Steps To Improve Egg Quality

egg quality

I am not here to brag, as I know you are reading this because you are longing to boost fertility and egg quality, and get pregnant; rather I am here to inspire hope. I have been in clinical practice for 15 years. During that time, I have had the honor of helping thousands of women, around the globe, optimize their overall health and fertility. Even more, I myself followed my own advice and got naturally and easily pregnant in my 40’s. I want you to know that you can do many things to get pregnant faster. I have witnessed women overcome significant fertility challenges and because of that I believe in you and your fertility.

How Can I Improve My Egg Quality?

One question that comes up all the time in my clinic and online programs is: how can I improve my egg quality? Women #TTC are obsessed with their egg quality and egg health and rightly so—it has a major impact on their ability to get and stay pregnant. My plan is to distill down for you what I think are the top five most important things you can start doing now for optimal egg quality. Of course there are more steps than these five! But based on my experience helping a lot of women on their path to motherhood, I think these five are absolutely crucial to help the quality of your eggs. 

1. Fertility and Egg Quality is an Extension of Your Healthy Lifestyle

This is probably not the kind of tip you want. You’d rather me say to take a certain multivitamin or herb but I want to be sure you understand what I am saying here—as it is CRITICAL. If you are in poor health, if you do not wake up feeling refreshed each day or have digestive complaints on a regular basis or regularly get sick or have any other health condition that isn’t being managed and is impacting your daily quality of life—it is impacting your fertility and your egg health. 

This is not a maybe it’s impacting your fertility conversation; it’s an absolute. If you are not feeling good most days (we all have our off days) you need to shift your focus from your fertility to a healthy diet and maybe some lifestyle changes.  Here’s what optimal health (and fertility) looks like: 

  • you wake up feeling refreshed each morning 
  • you have enough energy to get through the day
  • you have clear thoughts (no brain fog)
  • you regularly menstruate (understanding we are not robots and that each women’s cycle varies)
  • you have clear skin, strong nails and hair
  • you have a healthy bowel movement almost every day 
  • you feel nourished and supported on a physical and emotional level

If that’s not how you feel…don’t fret as you can change it and fast. But I want your focus to be on the fact that your fertility, the quality of your eggs, and your ability to get pregnant is a luxury…your body will do those things when it is properly nourished and supported.

2. Eat a Balanced Diet with Nutrient Dense Foods

By this I mean you are eating daily servings of: 

  • protein (from animal and non-animal source; all grass fed; all organic)
  • tons of organic leafy greens and vegetables (like 6-8 servings per day) because they are loaded with powerful antioxidants that will optimize egg quality;
  • a few tablespoons of good quality fat, NOT trans fats. 

The ideal macro ranges for fertility are 25-30% healthy carbs (like veggies), 25-30% protein and 45% fat. Yes, fat is KEY for optimal egg quality. 

A low fat diet equals a brittle and fragile egg development that will not fertilize nor divide properly. A diet filled with processed foods and a lot of sugar is not going to render healthy egg quality. You need to eat foods as close to their natural state as possible. Avoid the rest because food is the best medicine you can give your body and its fertility.

I do firmly believe that it first starts with your diet, your sleep and your mindset.  

3. Consume Bone Broth Daily

Consume 4-6 ounces of bone broth (from seafood or animal). I know bone broth is quite popular these days, but as a practitioner of Chinese Medicine, I’ve been preaching about bone broth for decades because bone broth is a part of any food as medicine lifestyle plan and has been recommended by Chinese Medicine practitioners for thousands of years. 

It’s simple: anything cooked down from bones contains jing or essence, the most vital substance in Chinese Medicine. Jing or essence is at the crux of our vitality, longevity, fertility and egg quality.  Plus, as we now know, it helps heal the gut lining and reduce inflammation in our bodies.  An inflamed body is not a very fertile body nor will it create good quality eggs.

4. Sleep 7-8 Hours Every Single Night

If you are not sleeping, your body is not restoring itself and if when it’s not restoring itself it will age before its time. What that means is poor sleep hygiene = poor egg quality. 

5. Say Nice Things to Your Body

Why? Because your body and all its cells (including the ones in your ovaries) hears everything your brain says. Are you cheering your body (and your ovaries on) or are you beating them up and pointing out all the reasons they have failed you? I have worked with women who have been diagnosed with POF, POA, DOF, Low AMH, High FSH…you name it and guess what, their mindset played a HUGE role in their ultimate thriving and healthy pregnancy.  

From here on out, I want you talking to your body and your reproductive system with kind and encouraging words like, “I believe in you” or “I’ve got your back” or “we’re going to figure this out” or “I know there are still some good eggs in there.” When you begin to shift the conversation you are having with yourself in the privacy of your own mind from a place of hostility to a place of love. Your cells, including the eggs in your ovaries, will thrive and become healthier.  

Supplements & Herbs for Egg Quality

I know you are probably wondering about supplements or herbs or what you can take for optimal egg quality.  There are a lot of good quality products out there that can have a positive impact on the health of every single cell in your body (and optimize egg quality too). But, I do firmly believe that it first starts with your diet, your sleep and your mindset.  

Understand that your fertility is not separate from the rest of your health ecosystem. They are interdependent. Yes, I regularly recommend supplements like coq10, spirulina, cod liver oil, liver (you can eat liver too) or fish oil. There are also others that support mitochondrial function, which I see have a big impact on egg quality too. But, you need to remember this: you can’t ‘out supplement’ a crappy lifestyle or diet! 

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