I sat on the table and took the news completely unaware of what was happening.

In November and December of 2018 I started with two cycles of IUI and they were a fail. After that, I decided to take a break.

During my break in January of 2019, I finally got pregnant. My fiancé and I were so excited. We laughed, made jokes and thought of names we wanted for our expected little one. We even ordered shirts to reveal the news to our family! We went in for release day from the fertility clinic which happened around eight weeks gestation.

During the release day appointment is when I found out that my baby’s heartbeat had stopped. I was just eight weeks but measuring about nine. I had a silent miscarriage. My fiancé was both shocked and sad. Me? I sat on the table and took the news completely unaware of what was happening. We drove home in silence. We didn’t speak for a while and then the tears began to fell. I had to process that I had had a miscarriage.

The past eight months have been tough, but nevertheless we are hopeful and grateful for the support we have received after my miscarriage. We got pregnant naturally and we are forever grateful to experience eight weeks of pregnancy.

Today, we are currently waiting to do our last cycle because I am still nervous after having a miscarriage not too long ago. However, we are still trying naturally because you just never know. I have started working out and drinking fertility tea to make sure my uterus is strong. I am grateful for the support of my family and friend throughout this journey. I remain hopeful because of the many success stories that I hear from other women. “A journey not shared is a soul not healed” -Dr. Shaniqua Jones