Looking back, we wasted a ton of time and money, especially with my levels where they were.

After we got married in 2009, I immediately got off the pill. After 3-4 years of “trying but not trying”, we realized something might be wrong. I became obsessive with tracking my ovulation, timing our intercourse, etc. All things great for romance, NOT! Still nothing.

We started seeing a fertility specialist when I was about 33 yrs old and my FSH levels were, as my doctor put it, that of a 48-year-old. Oh, lovely! We first started with IUI, and did about five rounds, with the full throttle of stimulation, etc. Looking back, we wasted a ton of time and money, especially with my levels where they were. I really only got a few follicles to fully grow after all the shots and meds my body could consume.

We knew something was wrong, and after a laparoscopic procedure, I was finally diagnosed with endometriosis. More delightful news! We did injections and meds for a couple more months in preparation for IVF and when I finally got 2 mature follicles, we decided to seize the day and go for it. “All you need is one”, they say! Most people would never even consider doing IVF with only 2 eggs, but 2 was the best we had ever gotten and we knew time was ticking. They retrieved both eggs but neither of them fertilized. One of my eggs was black in color – I officially had rotten eggs.

We then turned to donor eggs. Sadly, our first donor ended up having problems like me. We had already been through all of her appointments, medications, stimulations, legal paperwork, etc. and the day before her scheduled egg retrieval our doctor called us to tell us she only had 4. We knew that 4 was not enough after all the additional costs we would incur for the retrieval. We took a year off, traveled the world and came back with open minds, got a new doctor and a new donor. Here we are FINALLY pregnant!