Months before, I secretly researched “gestational surrogacy.”

Living with PCOS since my early teens years, I always knew I would have a story (or two) to talk about. My first IUI ended in a chemical pregnancy. Second IUI with a higher dose of injectables, was a big fat negative. IVF…a few days of injections led me to ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome. Thankfully, retrieval and fertilization had good results. Five days later, a fresh embryo was transferred. I bled during the first 20 weeks of pregnancy due to a sub chorionic hemorrhage. The second half of the pregnancy came with placenta previa, plantar fasciitis and polyhydramnios. Delivered at 39 weeks via c section after an unexpected high blood pressure episode.

During my first trimester, my brother and sister-in-law lost their 4th angel baby. I had no words for them and so, I sat there and cried. They helped me get ready for my son and I cried often. I cried every time I thought of them. Daily. The day my son turned one, a 5th angel baby was lost. I was devastated. My heart was in pieces for them.

Months before, I secretly researched “gestational surrogacy.” After a few weeks, I offered my help and volunteered to try and carry their baby. They were in disbelief that my idea was a possibility at all. We went in for a consultation and started the process soon after. We held hands transfer day, we cried happy tears to hear it was a positive, and we cried and hugged after each doctor’s appointment. They thought it was a dream. And it was! It was a dream come true! The day I delivered my niece, her parents were born once again. Their excitement screams were heard down the hospital halls. They believed again.