Fatherhood is the most amazing rewarding feeling

Our journey to become dads started a little over four years ago. We were discussing our options of having our own kids versus adoption. We both come from big loving families and it was important for us to at least try and have our own kids first.

After some initial research, we did not think this was going to be an option for us financially. A few months later, one of Andy’s cousins heard of our family plans and graciously offered to be a gestational carrier for us! This process could not have happened without her!

Once this was confirmed, we found a clinic that was best for us and our situation. One year later, after selecting an egg donor and creating embryos, we implanted two embryos. One embryo from me and one from Andy. They both took! 8 months later our beautiful healthy baby boys were born! Fatherhood is the most amazing rewarding feeling. We both love, love, love being dads!