Mixing Eastern and Western medicine is what I believe.

I am a gal that believes in miracles, manifestations, astrology, affirmations and feelings. According to my vedic astrology chart, I recently moved into my Venus/Moon phase, a time for motherhood.

My friend urged me to get my blood work tested just to make sure all is kosher. So, I grounded myself for a moment and began the reproductive blood tests back in the summer of 2016 . I was 36 years old with a super low AMH level of 0.46. Once I found out my results, I freaked out and committed to fertility acupuncture, fertility yoga, fertility affirmations, and then the research to find fertility doctors. Plus, more blood work and sperm counts and shitty sex, and well, here I am.

Our journey through infertility treatments began April of 2018. Since I work remotely, I had the opportunity to immerse myself in the two week journey. I really focused on stress-free living through daily yoga/meditations, eating well, fertility acupuncture, and limiting myself to any negativity around me, including the news and social media. Also, I read the most amazing book ever, Spirit Babies. Cleary, I had all my yogi ducks in a row. Mixing Eastern and Western medicine is what I believe and this was my time to prove it to myself.

Unfortunately, I was not able to preach my views. It didn’t work. We retrieved 6 eggs and got 4 embryos, but they didn’t last long. So, a little over a month later, we tried again with a different protocol. This time we retrieved 4 eggs and got 3 embryos, but the same thing happened. They did not make it to blactocyst. So now, what do we do? We are paying for IVF out of pocket. We have heard the stories of, “3, 4, 10 IVF cycles later…”. We have heard the stories of all the options. We have gone down the forums and blogs which caused me to get more overwhelmed, angry, and depressed. A place I do not want to live in! At this time, we are researching egg donation and still believing in miracles!