Getting pregnant would have been easy, or so I thought, but it ended up being extremely difficult.

This journey is something I can’t even begin to put into words. It’s the most gut-wrenching, scariest, happiest, and of course, the most amazing thing that I have ever accomplished which is giving birth to our wonderful son Hayden on January 15, 2019.

My journey started like this. At age six, I was diagnosed with congenital heart disease, and had my first surgery to repair my valve. As life took me, I had my second open heart surgery at age 19 where my pulmonary valve was replaced by my aortic valve. Then there was my third surgery at the age of 38 to replace my aortic valve. During the time of going through my last surgery I met an amazing man who became my husband and has stuck by my side ever since. I knew immediately I wanted him to be my husband and father to my child, and he did too. We got married!

As my recovery was extremely tough and painful there was light at the end of the tunnel. I recovered 100 percent and now was ready to have a baby. Getting pregnant would have been easy, or so I thought, but it ended up being extremely difficult. We went through two rounds of IUI and two failed IVF.

After so much disappointment, we finally took a break to regroup. We mourned the loss of our embryos, and then started the process again. Due to the stress on my body and my ovarian reserve diminishing, I found out I had unexplained infertility. So then, it was time to explore other options.

We decided to look into donor eggs recommended by our fertility doctor. This would be my husbands sperm and an anonymous donor. We found a perfect match for us where she would donate her eggs and I would carry my child. Our transfer day was all set up for April 30th, and on May 9th 2018 I found out I was pregnant.

You see, in my eyes my husband and I always wanted to be parents and we did not care how it would happen. We cried a lot, we gave up a lot, we screamed a lot , we laughed a lot, but we did it together and dealt with all the cards that were handed to us. We are in love with our son Hayden, and truly feel he is a miracle. Thank you for letting me speak on your platform and to let everyone know it’s possible.