Pregnancy is anything but simple.

My husband and I ditched birth control and started trying to get pregnant right after our wedding. 6 months and 3 periods later, I decided something seemed a little off. After a visit to 2 different doctors, I was given the diagnosis of PCOS.

We sought out a great fertility clinic, and 1 year and 1 failed IUI later, we conceived identical twin girls, naturally. We were over the moon. This was our reward for hitting a bump in the road, 2 babies! My water broke out of nowhere at 16 weeks. We lost those sweet babies. 3 D&Cs, a methotrexate injection and a ton of doctors appointments later, we are healed (physically) and ready to start IVF.

It works the first time. We are so happy and we are so scared. The sweet babies that we lost – we still long for them. Then we found out we are having a boy. Every day I worry. Some days I cry out of fear. We start to breath easy at our 20 week anatomy scan. Everything looks perfect. One week later my cervix had shortened by half and I was funneling. After 3 visits to hospital triage, I am denied a cerclage and sent home on bed rest with vaginal progesterone.

We seek out a second opinion and things start to look up. I had my surgery for a cervical cerclage a few days ago. Today I am 21 weeks and 6 days pregnant. I feel relieved. I feel worried. We just want to meet this sweet baby boy more than anything in the world. Pregnancy seems like it should be such a simple thing. Pregnancy is anything but simple.