I needed someone who would treat me as an individual and not a number.

I want to begin by saying that my story has a happy ending. My husband and I have a beautiful one-year-old daughter, but I think that it’s important to share not just the successful outcome, but also the many twists and turns that occurred along the way. My fertility journey began in December 2011. I had just turned 29 years old. I was definitely ovulating, so I figured it was just a matter of time before we got pregnant I didn’t get truly nervous until July 2012. I called my OBGYN to set up an appointment. My AMH was a little low for someone my age but I was definitely ovulating and I should have been able to conceive. My doctor recommended going to a fertility clinic in order to increase my chances. The doctors at the fertility clinic came up with a similar diagnosis and suggested that we try an IUI with Clomid. My husband and I agreed, and for the first time in a long time, I felt positive. Sadly, the IUI didn’t work and after four failures we moved onto IVF. After my IUI failures, I obviously was disappointed but the doctors still remained positive that based on my numbers, my age, and no infertility diagnosis that I would be able to conceive with IVF. I clung to that thought like it was my job. Three IVF failures and mountains of drugs later, the doctors started to talk to me about pursuing an egg donor. Hearing that I probably wouldn’t be able to conceive with my own eggs at such a young age was devastating. There had to be something wrong and I believed that if I could figure out the cause for the infertility, then I could figure out a way to fix it. I told my husband that we have to find a doctor who thinks outside of the box. I clearly was not a cookie-cutter case, so I needed someone who would treat me as an individual and not a number. We started seeing a new doctor who, much to our surprise, this new doctor was highly confident that he could get me pregnant.

At this point, it seemed like every day our friends and family were announcing that they were pregnant or having babies. It was very difficult for me to be around pregnant women or attend baby showers. Most of the time I could endure it, but sometimes I’d allow myself to skip events. I didn’t need to be so brave, especially if it was going to cause me pain. My husband and I had been married for seven years at that point, so of course all of our friends or even complete strangers would ask when we were going to have kids or if we even wanted to have kids at all… My best friend, who was amazing during the process, would sit and talk to me at 5:30am when I couldn’t sleep, and she even offered to donate her eggs to me if it came to that.  We began the next round of IVF in late July, 2015. After the end of the latest IVF process, we put back three embryos. Then began the dreaded waiting. During this time I did two acupuncture treatments, both of which were very close to when we put the embryos back and were supposed to help them implant. When the phone rang, it was my nurse she asked me how I was. When I answered that I was “fine”, she responded with words that I will never forget: “Just fine? You should better than fine”. I was stunned and said, “Oh my God, it worked?” and she said, “Yes, you’re pregnant” and then proceeded to give me my number and instructions. I couldn’t believe it, after all these years and all these tests, it had finally worked and I was finally pregnant. In my own craziness, I peed on a pregnancy test just because I needed to see the proof with my own eyes. The test turned up pregnant in less than a minute and the rest is history. I’m happy to report that we were rewarded and blessed with a happy ending after an extremely challenging process. However, if I can leave any of my fertility sisters with some advice, it would be to take it one step at a time and find what works for you specifically. What helped me relax and get through the process may not be the same for you. I wish anyone going through this the best of luck!