My body had been in "stress mode" for so long.

I went off the pill in June 2016, as my husband and I were planning on starting to “try” in mid 2017. After three months, my period had still not returned. I spoke to hormone specialists and multiple endocrinologists, all who noted I had hypothalamic amenorrhea, likely due to years of over-exercising. I was never a marathon runner, or Crossfit competitor, but I have always loved being active and spent five to six days a week doing high-intensity training.

Both the Eastern and Western specialists I saw recommended I cut high intensity workouts all together and gain weight. I was not underweight, in fact my BMI was normal, but still I was told to put on 10 pounds. I begrudgingly did as I was advised, stopping doing high intensity training and focused on pilates and yoga, and gained ten pounds. I took a bevy of supplements to help support my hormones, upped my calorie intake, and started doing acupuncture weekly, in hopes that my body would balance itself over time.

Fast forward to this past June, one year off the pill and still no period. I am now in the hands of an amazing reproductive specialist who is helping my husband and I along this journey of infertility. He explained that my body had been in “stress mode” for so long that it stopped producing LH and FSH, two hormones that are essential for ovulation, all together.

We started with clomid but had to cancel the cycle after two weeks, as my body responded too well to the medication and produced three large follicles. For the second round, my doctor tried a lower dosage of clomid, only to have my body not respond at all. We are now in the middle of an injection cycle, using Menopur, and closely monitoring follicle growth. My doctor explained that as he adjusts the dosages, my body is also fluctuating drastically, making the process much more difficult. We are hoping that this cycle or the next results in one or two follicles so we can trigger ovulation. If that doesn’t work, we will move onto IVF.