We started with Clomid and IUI, it failed, and I drank a bottle of wine that night.

I had no idea about my own infertility prior to the doctor telling me that I am infertile. I went off the pill in 2011 and started “trying.” It was confusing because I wasn’t getting a period, but I also wasn’t pregnant, according to the many negative pregnancy tests that littered my bathroom garbage can.

After months of this weirdness, I went to my doctor. She told me what I was experiencing was not normal. She started me on Clomid but nothing happened. The next month, she increased my dose and again, no ovulation. She left a message that I had PCOS and that I should go to the local fertility clinic. It was a Friday afternoon and she was therefore out of the office once I received the message, brutal. I had no idea what PCOS was, so I Googled it, and I was inconsolable reading the search results.

We started with Clomid and IUI, it failed, and I drank a bottle of wine that night. The next month we did another IUI. Two weeks later, we learned that the IUI worked, I was pregnant with my first daughter.

Two years later, we started trying for our second. We started with the same procedure that got me pregnant last time, Clomid and IUI. The first month, I didn’t ovulate on the same amount of Clomid that got me pregnant two years earlier. We tried again, failed x4.

We went forward with IVF. The whole IVF story is a long one but the abridged version is that the doctors took out 33 follicles, which turned into 17 embryos. We put one embryo in and found out two weeks later that we were pregnant again with our second child.

That is my fertility journey. While I was on maternity with my second daughter, my husband suggested that I write a book about infertility. He thought it was going to be more of a self-help book. I started writing and I could not stop, and that turned into Hilariously Infertile, a website that I use to help other women laugh a little through their infertility, instead of crying.