I got to hear the heartbeat several times before we lost our sweet baby.

We started with fertility specialists after trying to conceive for 1.5 years on our own and with guidance from our OBGYN. We started the “Timed Intercourse” plan and began with injections to stimulate follicles (FSH). When we neared “go time,” my Doctor called and we had to cancel this cycle due to my estrogen being too high and I had too many follicles, which could lead to a high-risk pregnancy of multiples, possibly quintuplets, had I conceived.

We moved onto IVF and went through the weeks of birth control, daily injections and meds to stimulate the ovaries before our first egg retrieval. We had great results after our first egg retrieval, but the numbers dropped drastically during fertilization. We then had to cancel our fresh transfer, because my progesterone levels were too high.

Next, we moved onto another round of #IVF and did a second egg retrieval with ICSI and had much better results. With a fresh transfer of a Day 5 embryo, I was finally pregnant and froze the rest of our fertilized embryos. I made it to 7 weeks. I got to hear the heartbeat several times before we lost our sweet baby. I had a D&C and took the next few weeks to recover while waiting for my next cycle to begin. We began prepping for our first Frozen Embryo Transfer and transferred one top grade hatching Day 5 embryo. That transfer resulted in a full term pregnancy, and as of April 14, 2017 I am now a mommy to our beautiful little boy.