I had seen so many women with their spouses and had always wondered, “When would I get to bring my husband?”

I found out I had PCOS when I was 23. While my husband (then bf) and I were not ready to have children, we decided to stop using birth control given the low odds of conceiving naturally. Fast forward 6 years – we had gotten married, were ready to expand our family, and still not pregnant. We were trying to get pregnant with PCOS so we went to a fertility specialist and decided to begin with Clomid/IUI. After describing the process, she said, “If you plan to get to work on time, you should be here at 5:30am.” WHAT?!

For the next 5 months, I arrived at the clinic at 5:30am. Every ultrasound showed that I had 1, 2 or 3 eggs that we hoped would grow. Then they would disappear. I confided in a co-worker (who went through IVF), and she suggested I try acupuncture. After just a few weeks of acupuncture, my ultrasounds began to look different. My eggs were maturing and I was scheduled for my first IUI. I walked into the waiting room feeling proud. I had seen so many women with their spouses and had always wondered, “When would I get to bring my husband?”.

The day of my pregnancy test, I was convinced it would be positive. I screamed when my phone rang –it was the Dr! When I answered and immediately knew from her voice that it hadn’t worked. I shook my head at my husband and felt both our hearts break. A month later, we were at the same place: 2 mature eggs, an IUI, and a negative pregnancy test. For the third IUI, I had 1 mature egg. As we waited for the IUI, we watched a video of a sperm making its journey to the egg. We were told visualization might help.

The next ten days were horrible. I caved and took a pregnancy test and to our surprise, there was a dark + in the window! A few days later, my doctor confirmed the results. We were so excited but still cautious. I was put on progesterone and monitored to make sure my HCG levels were doubling. The next 8 months were fabulous. Though I had morning sickness, sciatica, and migraines, I was pregnant. After months of being frustrated with my body, I was amazed at how it knew exactly what to do in pregnancy. And now I have the most beautiful baby girl who is the best gift and so worth the wait!