Sometimes the most precious gifts happen when you are least expecting them.

Before I married my husband in early 2017, we had this crazy and somewhat silly idea to start trying to have a baby. (Silly to us because we weren’t necessarily taking good care of ourselves). We certainly weren’t prepared (but who is) and the first few months were unsuccessful. We both committed to changing our daily routines so that we could reap the benefits of both being healthier and bringing a healthy baby into this world. We never wanted to see a fertility doctor because we were too scared. I didn’t want to bring myself to the idea that there could be something wrong with both him or me.

The first few months were challenging both mentally and physically. In the midst of dwelling on what could be wrong and trying a little less each time, I found a job in a completely new city over 2,000 miles away. Knowing there was little to no chance I was actually pregnant, I accepted the job, knowing my husband would not be able to join me due to legal issues.

The day before I packed up my things and drove 2,000 miles across the country, I took the remaining 4 pregnancy tests I had laying around. All 4 said ‘pregnant’. At that moment, my heart dropped. I was more shocked than anything mostly because we had given up on the idea of getting pregnant at the time. I had to move across the country without any support, family or place to live. When I took this leap of faith, I lived out of a hotel for a period of time before I got my first paychecks. I was incredibly scared. Sometimes the most precious gifts happen when you are least expecting them.

Needless to say, I learned how to care for myself and baby before my husband arrived in late December of 2017. I am now 7 months along and never dwelling, never questioning and never over thinking the silly idea that started it all.