I know my baby is coming soon, and I will not let this dishearten me. I will only allow it to empower me.

Natural Family Planning

I had always planned to reach out and share my story once I was pregnant, as most of the women on here do. However, I feel ready to open up about my journey now. My husband and I started trying right after our wedding. Little did we know that would be a long and emotional 2.5+ years.

Starting Fertility Treatments

After a year of trying naturally, my first fertility doctor diagnosed me with “lean” PCOS. So, we began down the road of Clomid, IUIs, injectables—but nothing worked. We bit the bullet and did IVF. My doctor was sure this would work for us. That ended in a chemical pregnancy. Next, we prepped for our first FET. That was cancelled because my lining did not get thick enough.

Embracing Lifestyle Changes

Finally, we took a long break. I couldn’t deal with the docs, medications, tests, etc. During this break I saw a dietitian (Sarah) and made changes to my diet, exercise, and self-care routines. I finally understood what it meant to “mother myself.” We also switched to a new doctor, who said starting a fresh IVF cycle would be the best way to go. I started working with an IVF coach (Tasha)—I was ready to jump back into the IVF world. We were set to start beginning of Jan, but when I didn’t get my period, I was SHOCKED with a positive at home pregnancy test. We couldn’t believe it—tears of joy ran down our faces after the nurse confirmed I was pregnant.

Staying Hopeful

At my 5-wk appt, we learned the pregnancy was ectopic, the embryo implanted outside my uterus. When my HCG would not go down on its own, they delivered some more bad news—I needed an injection that stays in your system for 90 days. We are not allowed to try for 3 months. This was a hard pill to swallow. I can easily find the positive in all this but having to wait 3 long months is the last thing you want to do when TTC . I know my baby is coming soon, and I will not let this dishearten me. I will only allow it to empower me. But, if anyone has been through this 3-month wait, and has any tips or words of encouragement, I’d love to connect. No matter what you’re going through, it’s always comforting to know you are not alone.