The most difficult part was when people would tell me to “just relax” and it would happen

I waited to solidify my career before starting a family. After becoming a partner in my medical practice – I was ready. I was 34 years old and assumed that I would get pregnant my first month of trying. Of course, that’s not how it went down. After 6 months, I started to panic. I had my husband tested and he checked out fine. What was wrong with me? What was I doing wrong? It turns out – nothing.

The most difficult part was when people would tell me to “just relax” and it would happen. News flash: having someone tell you to “just relax” does NOT make you relax. It also puts the blame on you – like it’s your fault you can’t get pregnant because you can’t relax. How I got through it was how I get through everything. I started obsessively researching. As a doctor, I knew all of the medical ways to help get pregnant. I read every book on the shelf trying to find an answer.

What I discovered in my “research” was the concept of mucolytics. What it said was to take a mucolytic prior to ovulation (like robitussin) to break up your mucus. It turns out that cervical mucus is the main barrier between a sperm and an egg and if that mucus is thick and sticky – the sperm can get stuck. That’s actually how some birth controls work – by thickening the cervical mucus. Mucolytics thin out the cervical mucus and therefore the sperm can swim easier to the egg.

I tried it to boost fertility, and got pregnant on my first time using it! I used it for all three of my kids (and I was 40 years old with my third child). The experience inspired me to create my company, PregPrep (sponsored link) where we are devoted to creating safe, doctor-formulated products for women ready to get pregnant and proactively prepare their bodies for a healthy conception.

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