We struggled finding a gestational carrier

Dreams of Starting a Family

We have always wanted to have a family. Being gay, we realized we needed more help than most in putting all the pieces together to create our family. It’s also very expensive because insurance covers literally nothing of our journey.

Searching for a Gestational Carrier

For the past few years, we have been saving. As we began our journey, we struggled finding a gestational carrier. We live in Utah where the majority of surrogates are LDS (Latter-day Saints aka Mormons), and we were turned down because we are gay. On top of that, the few carriers we started with were determined not to be medically viable candidates.

The Perfect Fit

All that being said, we found an AMAZING gestational surrogate. We transferred two embryos, and amazingly, both took. We are currently 12 weeks pregnant with an expected due date of mid-December. We are beyond excited to become dads, and we hope that by sharing our journey, we can highlight a different aspect of fertility issues as well as encourage other same-gender couples to realize that having a family is possible.