We ultimately decided on surrogacy for our family

Both of us have always wanted to be dads but it was a long journey to get there. It started with exploring adoption vs. egg donor and surrogacy — we spoke to several LGBT couples who had done one or the other. We ultimately decided on surrogacy for our family but there’s really no right or wrong answer; the two paths are just different.

We worked with an agency who helped us find both our (anonymous) egg donor and amazing surrogate. After several months of paperwork, legal consultations, and more paperwork, we transferred two embryos hoping for twins. The heartbeat call was so emotional. The ultrasound technician told us we had one heartbeat, which was miraculous. But, we also felt a tinge of sadness knowing the other baby hadn’t made it.

The pregnancy was easy for our surrogate (at least that’s what she told us!). We flew across the country to Colorado several times to spend time with her and her family throughout each trimester. Nine months later our little Sloane was born and she is a beautiful, breathtaking baby. She’s opened us up to new depths of love we didn’t think were possible. We still have a strong relationship with our surrogate. In fact, we’re aiming for a sibling journey together toward the end of this summer. But for now we’re just loving being dads to Sloane, and doing everything we can to raise a healthy, compassionate, bad-ass warrior queen.