I was devastated. I wasn't pregnant, was two embryos down and had one tube left. Our chances were diminishing.

In 2013, I went off the pill and started trying to get pregnant. After about 6 months with only negatives, I decided to visit my doctor out of worry. I never got the chance. My husband had an inflamed testicle, which according to the first doctor we saw was nothing and didn’t need surgery. We went for a second opinion and it turned out it was a tumor. Stage 3A testicular cancer that had metastasized to his lungs. Our oncologist advised us to visit a fertility clinic and we were able to store a large sample.

After months of chemo, in late 2014, Max and I decided we wanted to try again. We already knew that IUI wasn’t an option as his count was too low, so we went in for IVF. We managed to produce 8 healthy embryos, and shortly after went in for the embryo transfer and our doctor told us we had two embryos that were type “A” and that although my chances of miscarriage would be higher with two, he told us we could try as I was young and healthy (29 at the time). The procedure worked and I got a positive pregnancy test but only with one of the embryos. One night, a couple of days before I was set to go in for my first ultrasound, I started feeling the worst pain in my abdomen and lower back. It was unbearable. My husband got the doctor on the phone who advise me to take Tylenol and assured me everything would be fine. I went in the next day for the ultrasound and was diagnosed with an ectopic pregnancy. I ended up losing a tube.

I was devastated. I wasn’t pregnant, was two embryos down and had one tube left. Our chances were diminishing. Eight months later, we went in to try again. During those months, I had made many lifestyle and diet changes. I started eating healthier and organic, even doing a detox that lasted months. Fast forward to present day… I have been blessed with our beautiful baby, Liam, who is now a year and a half old. We recently learned that Max still has the effects of chemo in his system and that we might not be able to conceive again without IVF. I have opened up about my journey in an effort to support others going through this but also to help prepare me for another possible round sometime next year.