I would look in the mirror and visualize my belly growing.

After going off birth control 9 years ago, my period wasn’t regular. I found ways to self-regulate my cycle with specific supplements according to the moon cycle. However, when I decided that I wanted to get pregnant, I realized that I couldn’t rely on these supplements because it was impossible to know when I was ovulating. I went for a complete blood panel at my doctor’s office (thyroid, vitamin levels, etc.). All of my tests came back “normal”. It was an acupuncture session with Aimee Raupp that helped me realize that my thyroid function and blood levels were probably causing my irregular periods. Aimee recommended that I get a FULL thyroid panel, including my antibodies tested.

The doctors I went to were adamant that that testing my antibodies was unnecessary. I researched and found a reproductive endocrinologist that would test my antibodies (Dr. Hugh Melnick). After a few appointments with him, I decided to take a very low dosage of the most natural thyroid medication available. It was a difficult decision for me (as I wanted to regulate my body naturally). Within 1 day of taking the pill, I felt like a whole new person. Within 3 months, I got pregnant.

Lifestyle changes also played a big role. I called 2016, “my year of zen.” I meditated more, added plants to my apartment, lit candles, installed black out shades, and utilized visualization techniques. I would look in the mirror and visualize my belly growing. Before I went to bed every night, I’d recite 5 things that I was grateful for in my life. And I prayed, hoped, and added as much joy to my life as possible. And THAT was what worked! So what did this challenge teach me? That it’s not just about getting pregnant. It was about feeling my best and happiest during the process. Which was ultimately the best preparation to become a happy and healthy mom.

Lots of love from my belly to yours!