The naturopathic specialist got us to change everything.

My journey started when I was 19, and I was told that I had PCOS. The doctor told me that I would have trouble having babies. At the time I brushed it off – babies…gosh no. But subconsciously it mulled in my mind with lots of negative thoughts whirling round.

Fast forward 12 years and still the only issue diagnosed by doctors is PCOS. Give it time, they said. But after a lot of time passed and still nothing, I really felt that there was more to it. So I went down the natural route with a fertility specialist who did a huge amount of comprehensive testing and discovered several other minor factors like sperm antibodies and an inability to metabolize folic acid, which the doctors hadn’t even looked for.

At the same time, the naturopathic specialist got us to change everything – what we drank, ate, how we stored our food, what we cooked in, cleaned with, where we put our phones and what we put on our skin – this is how I became passionate about helping people find better, non-toxic products.

After a long journey to clean up our health and lifestyle and two failed IUIs, we went to IVF. We got 20 eggs, 12 fertilized and 3 tested normal. But I couldn’t have a transfer straightaway because I had ovarian hyper stimulation and ended up in the ICU for 3 days in a huge amount of pain. This journey ended with a beautiful little baby girl. When I was in the darkest part of my journey, I loved hearing success stories so I really hope this story gives a little bit of light.