I had the amnio done at 18 weeks and received the results at 21 weeks.

My journey to a healthy pregnancy was a trying one. I had 2 miscarriages: one at 11 weeks, and a second at 8 weeks. It was after my second D&C that we were told to stop trying and speak to a fertility specialist. I had many tests done, but it wasn’t until my husband’s blood was tested that we found out what was wrong. The tests showed that he is a transbalanced chromosomal carrier, meaning a piece of one chromosome attaches itself to another piece.

My fertility specialist and genetic counselor spoke to us about different options, but because I was 30 at the time, they both told me to try one more time, and if I miscarried again, we would turn to IVF. Even though we were trying one more time naturally, after speaking to a genetic counselor, I knew our chances of having a baby, let alone a healthy one, would be very slim.

We kept trying on our own, and almost a year later, we finally had a positive pregnancy test! My first thought was that I was going to need another D&C. Fear bang to build. I was scared to go to the bathroom because I thought I would spot. Nervous to work out because I thought it would cause me to miscarry. I stopped living. The whole 40 weeks, I was a high-risk pregnancy. But the scariest part was having an amniocentesis – the only test that tests for what we were looking for. We were told the chance of having a healthy baby was 25%.

I had the amnio done at 18 weeks and received the results at 21 weeks. Our wish had come true: our baby was healthy! The journey can be long and hard; it can take a toll on your body, mind, marriage… everything. To anyone going through this, my advice would be to talk about it with someone. If you want to cry, cry. If you need to be by yourself for a few days, do it. But talk about it.