No explanation as to why you’re not able to do the one thing you were designed for

Pretty soon after my husband and I got married, we began trying to get pregnant. I was so excited because I always wanted to be a mom. We are both in our 30’s and didn’t think it would happen immediately, because of all the research about advanced maternal age (AMA) fertility (which is a little daunting when you read, thanks Google) but we were hopeful nonetheless. 6 months go by and I start panicking. All the thoughts start. “What’s wrong with me, with him, with us, etc.”

We make the decision to go see a specialist. Then we went through all the testing and finally had our answer from the doctor. The doctor said: “We can’t find anything wrong, not sure why you can’t get pregnant.” Unexplained infertility! A blessing and a curse. No explanation as to why you’re not able to do the one thing you were designed for. So we start the IUI process. 7 failed rounds and I’m in the infertility blackhole. I’m pumped full of hormones, sad, and angry at the world. Time for IVF. We do a retrieval resulting in 24 eggs, 22 mature, 12 fertilize, 6 making it to blastocyst. A fresh transfer and 2 frozen transfers later, still no positive results.

It’s been a year and I’m devastated. We decide to switch doctors. I meet with Dr. Kang from Cornell and she immediately says “Well this makes sense. Nothing worked because they over medicated you. Your eggs were basically over-cooked.” I’m thinking great, an explanation, now what? We do a round of IUI with her so she can track my cycle and see how I respond to hormones. It doesn’t work (shocker) but she is confident she will have me pregnant within 6 months of treatment. Ok doc, good luck and game on.

We have a trip to France planned the next month (October) and I’m thinking this is a perfect time for a break. We take Oct-Dec off (best decision of my life) and begin in January with a retrieval. She puts me on 75 of GonalF (previous dr had me on 450) and it results in 12 eggs, all fertilize, and after PGS we end up with 6 beautiful embryos. We skip the next cycle so my body can heal and get rid of excess hormones. March 2017 we transfer our healthiest frozen embie and pray. And December 19,2017 we welcomed baby Isaac to our lives.