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Tracy B. MS, RD, CDN

New York, NY, USA



Tracy is a leading women’s health expert and registered dietitian-nutritionist in NYC. At her private practice, Tracy Nutrition, Tracy provides in person and virtual nutrition counseling and support to clients in areas such as preconception nutrition, fertility, PCOS, amenorrhea and pre/postnatal health. Tracy has been featured on podcasts, TV, YouTube, online and in print as a nationally recognized nutrition expert to help make sense of the latest health headlines. She is the resident nutrition expert at Betches Media and is a frequent guest on their hit podcast, “Diet Starts Tomorrow.” She is also the host of Well+Good’s YouTube food and nutrition series, “You Versus Food.” She received her Bachelors in Nutritional Sciences from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and received her Masters in Clinical Nutrition from NYU. Tracy is the midst of writing a nutrition book about eating to support a healthier period.