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Everyone has a unique path to parenthood.
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Robyn providers collaborate with reproductive endocrinologists, OB-GYNS, and other physicians on treatment plans that complement your primary care.

Linda has


She found her

Lactation Consultant

Specializing in


Linda Connected with

Farrell Topham

Lactation Consultant

Marie is

6 mos pregnant

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Yoga Instructor

Specializing in

Breath & Meditation

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Kendra Tolbert

Fertility & Prenatal Yoga Specialist

Karen is

8 mos pregnant

She found her

Mental Health Therapist

Specializing in

Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorder

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Julia is

Trying to Conceive

She found her


Specializing in


Julia Connected with

Denise Wiesner

Fertility & Sex Health

“There are so many different challenges in fertility. And then a whole new set once you get pregnant. And again when you have the baby.”

Rosanna shares her experience with fertility and lactation struggles.

“I am grateful every day for all those around me that helped guide me through the hard times.

After being given less an a 1% of conceiving naturally, Jasmine Katitikarn took a different route and made her dreams come true.

“In November and December of 2018 I started with two cycles of IUI and they were a fail. After that, I decided to take a break.”

Whitney McCoy shares her experience with having a miscarriage at eight weeks.

Fatherhood is the most amazing rewarding feeling. We both love, love, love being dads!”

Tyler’s and Andy’s journey involved an egg donor and gestational carrier, resulting in twin they were each able to father.